Your Outfit Points at Your Butt

After helping Miranda out, I’ve got one more important thing to do on Illium before I leave: buy some more drinks. 

Wait no.

I mean recruit Samara.

I talk to the transportation officer that Liara pointed me at and she explains that Samara’s in another district, but not to worry, she will drive me there in one of these fun space cabs. Oh thank goodness. 

At the district, a little volus is whining about something outside so I decide to talk to him first instead of just immediately doing what I came here to do because I guess I’ve got some weird ADD or compulsive order or something. 

“Commander, shouldn’t we be going to find Samara?”

“Yeah yeah yeah, one second, this guy might want to talk about something…”

He explains that he is gonna curtail it outta there because his business partner just got murdered and he thinks he’s next. Or he thinks he’s suspect? I kinda stop listening to volus when they start talking, and start wondering how satisfyingly they would roll down a flight of stairs. It seems like it would be really funny, but there’s no stairs around here, wouldn’t ya know. 

I finish up my conversation with Rolly Volly, and head inside to find someone who knows where the Justicar is. The asari cop there tells me that Samara is investigating the crime scene where the volus was killed and I can go on in too if I want, because this cop is just all out of care for any regulations. Also she wants me to get the Justicar away otherwise she’s gonna totally murder the cop and any other cops and probably lots of people because of her “code.” At my confusion over this code, the asari gets kinda worked up and tells me that you humans can’t even figure out your own religions. 

Whoa lady

Don’t pin that shit on me. 

I’m going to that crime scene, jeesh.

At the entrance to the alleyway, a couple of guards tell me to watch out because there might be Eclipse mercs in there still. What? Seriously? There’s still mercs…in the crime scene? Should you maybe go do something about them? What the hell.

Sure enough I round a single corner and there’s a big ol’ group of them. Me, Gar-Bear, and Thane pop theys asses pretty fast though and we keep moving. Eventually we come across Samara trying to get the name of a ship out of a merc who isn’t being very cooperative and Samara snaps her neck. 

I think I was supposed to be shocked or upset at this but really, I wasn’t. No, I get it, you got a code or whatever. It probably says “Kill mercenaries, especially if they aren’t being helpful, but also kill them if they are.” I didn’t really want to ENCOURAGE it either, but eeeeeeh. Where’s my coin again, I’m so sick of making my own decisions. 

The officer shows up to detain Samara and I’m like, no dammit, I wanted to detain her, on my ship, for collector killing. Samara won’t leave the planet without the name of the ship though, but agrees that if I get it for her, she’ll come with me and not kill any nice police officers. Sounds good. 

Back at the station, I talk to that Volus some more because I know he is a slime and he gives me a pass card to get to the eclipse base. In…an elevator. In….in the same building as this police station? Are you shitting me? There’s a fuck ton of eclipse holed up directly above a police station? That is fucked.

We go up there though and find out that the mercs are smuggling some drug or something that makes people go crazy biotic. I come across a volus who is super high who tells me the leader is in the next room. I kick the volus over, but alas there are no stairs nearby. He calms down a little though and leaves. Maybe he trips down some stairs then? That’s a nice dream.

In that next room, we fight off a bunch of asari and find a datapad with the name of the ship on it. Mission accomplished! We take it to Samara and she agrees to come with me and follow my orders, and help us kill the collectors and NOT kill any cops. 

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