What Fresh Hell…?

This is JordynNolz.com! Home of me, Jordyn Nolz!

I read comics, watch TV, play video games and then write silly blogs about them later.

I also recently started doing stand up comedy, because I need more people to be aware of the things in my brain.

Follow me on Twitter: @JordynNolz

On this site are a few specific blogs, and one on my home page for just whatever I feel like.

Wasted in the Wasteland: Here you will find the tales of Reddy S Gogh from Fallout 3 and Blue from Fallout New Vegas as they drunkenly wander their respective post-apocolyptic shitholes.

Shepard, Interrupted: Follow Dizzy Shepard as she gathers her crew, yells at them, yells at other people, yells at herself, flirts with anyone, sleeps with Garrus, and drinks at every single available opportunity. Oh and then eventually saves the galaxy. Right.

J’onzzin’ for some J’onn: Silver Age Martian Manhunter comics are the greatest and most ridiculous thing. How great and ridiculous? You don’t want to know. (No, wait, shit…I mean you do. YOU DO!)

Jordyn’s DCAU: Hey, where’s the clever title? Hrm. I love the DC Animated Universe a scary amount, that’s why I spent so much time writing about episodes here. It’s silly.


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