Krogans, and Turians, and Salarians! Oh my!

Back on the ship, I discuss this GODDAMN WAR with Anderson. I call him “sir” and he tells me not to be so formal with him, even though I’m having this conversation in a damned hoodie and am probably a little hungover (or maybe still drunk!)

I head down to talk to Garrus instead, and he wants to talk about sad war stuff. I kinda space off and just listen to his voice but not all the sad coming out of it and wonder if I maybe he’ll take his pants off. I sigh, and leave.

I go to Javik’s room but he’s not in there. And there’s a bunch of his crap just on the floor. What are we, animals? Hey, Mr. Everyone Else Is Primitives! We have things called TABLES and we use them for things other than just washing our damn hands all the time! So maybe, ya know, with the stuff?

Javik is down in Jack’s old hidey hole, so I go down to see what he thinks he’s doing down there. He tells me he senses a lot of anger in that space. Ummm, my space hamster? No, it was probably Jack. The hamster WAS down here though dude, and it probably pooped like, a lot. So I’m gonna suggest heading back to your room and your weird water tables. In fact I would probably advise against doing random exploring and touching on this ship, I really just would. I would especially avoid my cabin, Garrus’s room, and the cargo bay. I don’tknowwhat James and Steve do there…but I wouldn’t want to find out with my HANDS.

Speaking of Steve, I go chat with him and tell him that maybe he should get off the ship now and then. James loves to get into trouble on the Citadel, maybe you boys could have some fun together! In fact let’s go to the Citadel right now!

To the Citadel! I get drunk! Wooo! Okay, back to THIS GODDAMN WAR

I really feel like this war is cramping my style, but I head to wherever I was supposed to go and we get as many diplomats as we can in my little dirty room surrounded by piles of crates and exposed wires and have a little meeting. I even go so far as to change out of my hoodie for it! Everyone is super mad though. Wow. This ain’t going well.

Wrex says that sure totally the Krogan will be totally down with helping the turians if maybe we could just get that little genophage thing cured. Then there will be lots of Krogan to fight in the war? I was kind of hoping for more immediate help, but I guess if we can cure it? Everyone else seems to think curing it is pretty hopeless but Wrex happens to know that I have Maelon’s data still. I do, I think? Ho, boy…that data is…somewhere. I don’t know, I assume SOMEONE has it, this ship got kinda worked over by the Alliance. Did Mordin take it? Maybe Mordin took it. I’m gonna assume that. I don’t know, but let’s go to this lab or whatever and see if we can get a cure going.


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