Til Geth Do Us Part

One of the new dossiers from the Illusive Man was for Tali! Tali! Oooooh, I’m gonna go find Tali. Even though she seemed kinda mad at me when I saw her earlier. This, oh boy, I hope this isn’t awkward. 

I fly to the solar system that Tali is in and WHOA LOOK AT THAT SUN. JOKER WATCH OUT. DON’T FLY THE NORMANDY INTO THAT THING IT’S HUGE. FUUUUUUUUCK. Orbit that planet over there instead. 

We land and EDI informs me that there are Geth afoot! GETH! Also that direct sunlight will mess up my shields. Well that sucks. Thankfully the geth are no match for me, Gar, and Thane. I find a radio some of the quarians on the planet were using and find, unsurprisingly, that things are going wrong. I need to get through a door, but as soon as I discover this need, the geth blow up a pillar and block my route. Seriously guys? That’s so not cool. 

We need to go find a couple demo charges to blow the pillar up, and near them I also find a couple of Tali’s journal entries. Naturally I listen to them, and she is talking about me. That’s a little awkward. I…maybe I shouldn’t have listened. Oh well.

I grab the charges, hack some geth and make for the pillar. The charges blow and we dash through. 

Somewhere on the other side, we find a pretty badass quarian trying to fight off like a whole fuck ton of geth AND a geth colossus. Behind the colossus is a sealed up room that Tali is in. Okay slow down one second, why are you guys even here? What’s going on?

It turns out the quarians are interested in that crazy sun I almost drove into earlier, and are trying to recover information on it, but are mostly just dying. Thank god Commander Shepard is here, am I right? The quarian’s suit is ripped, but he’s still actin’ all gung ho about killing that colossus. Easy there buddy. You’re just gonna get yourself killed. Let us handle this.

Me, Gar, and Thane easily work our way through the geth, to get close to colossus. It would shut down and repair itself if we tried to take it out from far away, but throwing reaves and warps at it from closer cover fucked that thing up good. Also I find reaves to be a good outlet for my renegade urges. Those times when you hit someone and it seems to just suck their health out of them makes you feel just a little bit evil. Just evil enough to not need to be evil later. 

We get in the next room and hurray! It’s Tali! Oh and she seems less angry at me, even though I read her diary. That’s good. She agrees to come with me on the Normandy and the other quarian stumbles into the room to say goodbye and that he’ll pass her decision on to the admiralty board.

Back on the ship, Tali is in the debriefing room with me and Jacob. Fucking Jacob. He is again saying things to piss off the people I have just brought on to the ship.


For fuck’s sake. 

Just don’t come to these fucking meetings anymore. 

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