Sexy Wrex-y

After recruiting Samara, I pop in to see how Kelly is doing. Oh she’s sad that we never get to hang out, well let’s go hang out then. Afterwards she mentions that she saw my fish. Yes, I’m sure you did, it’s like one entire wall of my cabin. Then she offers to feed them while I’m gone.


Fuck yes feed my fish, woman. 

With the worries of my fish off my mind, I decide to buckle down and do Mordin’s mission, even though I know it’ll involve genophage stuff and things that I honestly just never want to talk about. But let’s just get it over with please. We head to Tuchanka, the krogan homeworld where Mordin says one of his old team members from the Special Tasks Group went missing. 

On Tuchanka, I’m instructed to go see the Clan Chief right away. Uuuh okay. I might not, but I will keep that in mind. We climb over a bunch of rubble into a huge area that I take a moment to poke around in before heading over to the Chief.


I dart over there hella fast now, but a guard stops me and tells me that I have to waaaiiit. Are you serious? This is a joke right?

Thankfully before I become enraged, Wrex sees me from his chair and yells my name super excitedly. I smirk at the guard and walk past him. Wrex! It is so good to see you! 

Wrex is maybe the happiest person to see me so far. None of this “oh Cerberus? You’ve changed Shepard,” bullshit that’s for goddamn sure. 

Wrex tells me how things are going on Tuchanka and directs me to talk to the scout guy or whatever. I ask him about Mordin’s friend and he tells me a salarian was seen with some Blood Pack mercs or something, and that I can take a truck to go to the Krogan hospital they are holed up in. 

So we do, and we find lots of stuff to talk about, that’s for sure. A dead human, a dead krogan, a sick krogan, lots of stuff. Mordin seems pretty worked up about this genophage stuff so I pat him on the shoulder or…something. Eeeesh. There, there buddy. It’ll be…all right? God, what do I saaaaaay? I don’t know what to tell him anymore. Every time I tell him it was wrong he justifies it and then I don’t care to argue with him anymore. But I don’t really want to tell him he did the right thing because man, that’s just wrong. I’m just gonna go to the bar and find some drinks again when we get back.

We come across a krogan who is like blah blah blah blah. He is standing right next to an explosive pipe though and Garrus and Mordin seem to be looking at me like “Uh, Shep, you DO SEE that pipe right?” Yeah guys I do. I shoot it and the krogan starts on fire, and we have to fight off a bunch of vorcha all of a sudden.

We continue a bit further and find Mordin’s friend Maelon in a room, working with some weird dual omni-tools. We quickly realize he’s not being held against his will, and is in fact, working on a cure for the genophage. Oh boy.

Here we go.

Mordin and him argue for a while about who was right to do what and Maelon shouldn’t be experimenting on humans and all that. Mordin thinks about killing Maelon, but I tell him ya know, you shouldn’t just kill people unless you’re in a fight so we’re gonna have him go down a hallway with a gun, and THEN if he comes at us we can shoot him then. Maelon leaves, but we’ve got all this genophage data and Mordin wants me to decide what to do with it.


Can’t YOU decide? 

Garrus? You want to decide? 

Fuuuuuuck. Where’s my coin?

I guess uh

I guess keep it?

God I hate this place, let’s leave.

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