InThane in the Membrane

All right, I finally decide I’ll head after Thane. I go meet with the contact Liara mentioned and she tells me that Thane is heading to kill Nassana.

That name sounds familiar, I think and then say. Oh yeah, she was that two-faced lying asari bitch from the Citadel before I died. I hate that bitch. If Thane is trying to kill her, good for him.

The asari contact agrees and drives me, Gar, and Miranda to Nassana’s tower, where she is in the penthouse or something. There’s some salarian workers in the tower that Nassana has turned her mechs on. They’re all pretty freaked out and we start fighting our way through the mechs and some mercs and a bunch of other assholes. 

We end up at a room with three salarians in it, one of whom I accidentally punch. Like…actually accidentally. I seriously didn’t mean to punch him. Where is the apologize interrupt? Ah dang it.

Upstairs, we find Nassana who thinks that I’m the one trying to break in to kill her. No, I’m not. Oh I’ll admit, it’s tempting! I’d certainly like to.  I’m…currently thinking about it, that’s for sure. But that’s not really the WHY of my presence here right now. I’m just gonna wait for this other dude to kill you and then ask if he wants to come hang out with me. This just seemed like a good meeting place, ya know?

While Nassana rants angrily at me, her guards hear the sounds of someone banging around in the pipes. Oh god, we’re freaking out, what is that? Before they can do anything, Thane drops down and kills the all the guards and Nassana.



I ask if he’ll come with us to our cool ship and he can totally come with me and Garrus the most, I promise. He agrees, naturally.

Back on board, Jacob was apparently walking around with his pants off, holding his cheeks wide so that any interested parties could easily find his asshole and crawl up. Unfortunately the only that did make the trip was his goddamn head. He’s be bitchy and saying that he doesn’t like Thane.

What’s your problem, Jacob?

I inquire. He tells me that an assassin might just turn around and shoot me because all he cares about is getting paid? Jacob this doesn’t make any sense. Why would he shoot me, he’s on my team now. Go stop being a bitch, and I swear I’m not letting you come to these debriefings anymore. Tell Miranda to come to them or instead or fuck, let’s not even fucking bother because I swear everyone just leaves them angry. Ugh. 

Look it me, Jacob. Now I’m all upset. 

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