Nice Job, Plague.

We got Garrus on the Normandy and the doctor patched his face up. His armor is all busted though and he’s got a wicked scar now. He seems to be in a pretty good mood though, all things considered, and it sure is nice to see him again. He goes to work on the guns and I make the rounds on the ship quick. 

I check in with Kelly who says she wants to just give Garrus a big hug. Oh man, I wanna do that too! She says that me and Garrus would make a cute couple. We..uh…oh. I guess I never…hmmm. There was that dream that time…but uh…well…

I’m gonna go talk to Joker, Kelly. You’ve stirred up some feelings I’m not sure what to do with!

I head to the cockpit and tell Joker that Garrus is back and he seems excited as well. Finally I check in with Garrus to make sure his tiny room with no bed is okay, and that all these Cerberus people are being nice to him. Also how are you feeling because we’re gonna go get Mordin now and I intend to take you with me everywhere I go. 

Back on Omega, I start to head towards the quarantine zone where Mordin is apparently running a clinic. I am quickly distracted however by the all the shops in the area. Oooooh stuff to buy? I will buy all of it. Model ships? Yes! Those things that those engineering people needed? Yeah I’ll get those. Only after hitting every single shop do I finally go to the quarantine zone. 

A turian is outside telling a lady that she can’t go in. That NO ONE can go in. Well fuck. I need to go in there! I reason with him, by explaining that I am awesome, I have a gun, and I am a problem-fixer. He doesn’t seem to actually care if I go in, so he opens the door. He makes the other lady stay out though. Sorry lady! I’ll take care of everything. 

In the quarantine zone, there’s a bunch of Blood Pack mercs. Well, mostly Vorcha trying to kill us. Ugh, those things are so gross. I love those ones with the flame throwers though. Hahah, you’re so dumb, you pretty much just strapped a bomb to your back! Hahahahahahahahaha. 

We find a sick Batarian and for some reason I give him some medi-gel. Ugh. Garrus says he’s not feeling well and I momentarily feel bad for taking him with me. Uuuh, heh, I’m sure this’ll be fine, Gar. The Batarian explains that everyone is blaming the plague on humans, since they’re immune to it. And now the Vorcha are looting the homes of humans in the district. While running around, I find an apartment with two humans in it. They’re holed up trying to avoid the Vorcha, I tell them to follow me to Mordin’s clinic, as that is probably the safest place. They agree, and before we  leave I hack their wall safe. Heh.

Garrus, Miranda, and I clear a path to Mordin’s where we are able to talk to him with absolutely no resistance from anyone else. I figured a nurse or something would tell me to wait until he was done with something but nope, I just walked right in there. I would’ve walked right in there if there HAD been a nurse, but I guess this just saved me having to punch someone for asking me to be patient for one goddamn second. 

Mordin is an awfully chatty dude, but I manage to figure out that he’s cured the plague, takes a moment to cure Garrus and now needs my help to get the cure into the air. Also find his assistant. Yeah I can do that. All that. Me, Gar, and Miranda grab the cure and head toward the ventilation system. I find the assistant, and regrettably decide not to shoot a batarian again. We get the cure in the vents and shoot a whole lot of Vorcha. 

Back at the clinic, Mordin is pleased and decides to join up with us to stop the Collectors. 

And I go back to my cabin, to contemplate what Kelly said about Garrus some more…

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